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afbeelding van de el transito synagoge in Toledo









Dr. Ernst en Ans Verwaal Verspuij



Ernst Verwaal (1934) Minister of "De Nederlands Hervormde Kerk" and senior lecturer in History of Religions,speciality Islam(arabic) and Judaism(hebrew), retired 1993. 

Thesis Ph.D. University Utrecht 1987: Ruhu'l Qudsi in the Qur'an .

 A historical and theological inquiry regarding the conception of the Holy Spirit in the Qur'an and its relevance for the Muslim-Christian-Jewish dialogue. 

Ans Verwaal Verspuij (1937), B.A. Semitic languages University Utrecht.
Together we experienced the trialogue in the church with Rabbi Edward van Voolen and Imam Hamzah Zeid.




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A summary of my thesis see under Ruh